Why people like Apple so much

Apple has already sold millions of iPhone 12 in early 2021, this achievement is so remarkable as they generated huge income from it. People are still demanding more units and this has lead to more production. The company itself is so influential , unique and Rich too. They make huge amount of money from sales … Continue reading Why people like Apple so much

Take advantage of your environment

Nothing is useless, you’ll must see ways of using it for some important work. Countries with large expanse of desert land can make good use of it for some useful projects that would yeild what could help their citizen, Egypt applied this and it is helping them in various ways. Nothing is to be wasted … Continue reading Take advantage of your environment

Best automobile industries

You may be surprised after reading this post,therefore you can make you own contributions on the comment section below, thank you. We see alot of cars lorries,truck sports car,buses and lots more. Even at that ,the industries are still pushing hard in building newer ones. Some of these land vehicles can be classified or said … Continue reading Best automobile industries

What if Apple decides to build their own gaming laptop/ devices/ gadgets

MacBooks are capable of handling any game but why are they not still refered to as “gaming devices” ?. From our own knowledge of what we think gaming laptops or devices are they are devices or gadgets design strictly for better gaming performance. MacBooks posses most of these features even to a higher level but … Continue reading What if Apple decides to build their own gaming laptop/ devices/ gadgets

List of extraordinary laptops

Psalm 148:1 Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD from the heavens, praise him in the heights! What really makes them extra ordinary? Is it the hardware? Software? Or is it their price ? Well, we’ll find out more when we go deeper into them. I have some devices here,they are features that makes them be … Continue reading List of extraordinary laptops

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