5 deadliest wild animals

Hyena: they look like jokers but hyenas are very deadly and dangerous. This wild animal don’t usually like hunting , even so snatching food from other predators are what they are known for.

Bears: this covers both polar bears and normal ones, tigers are even afraid of them. Bears are so strong, huge and ever ready to kill any prey the comes close to it. They feed on both flesh and some other minor stuffs.

Honey Badgers: don’t despise it because of the small size, it’s characterized by its white coloured back. Honey Badgers are so fearless, strong and can dig on rocks. It can also challenge animals ten times it’s size.

African wild dogs: despite the small size ,they are capable of killing big preys. They are known for being in groups,good hunting skills and can run a very long distance without getting tired.

Mongoose: Even lions can’t kill snakes easily but these little guys can do it without thinking twice. Mongoose can be very aggressive,fast and very intelligent,they hate snakes with passion and can do anything kill any that comes their way.

Psalm 69:3. I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched. My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God.

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