Avoid doing these if you want your phone to last longer

More units will be definitely released in the market from Time to Time with newer features. Even so,we still have to keep the one we already have safe and sound. They’re some practices which ruins gadgets notably smartphones which think people should avoided,

Electronic devices have a lot of things in them, some are quite harmful and this is to be taken into consideration too, phone screens emit little radiation well I don’t know much about that so let’s just getting on the main topic.

Avoid putting you phone in a tight pocket: 80% of people are doing it, this affects mostly the exterior. It looks and sounds kinda funny but it’s serious, a device like this needs a place with some space so the hardware won’t be torn apart while sitting , standing or whatever posture you are taking.

Avoid using it while charging: because of the awareness going on the adverse effects of this act I guess the percentage have reduced so much.electricity acts in a way you won’t understand and can take advantage of other accessories connected to the phone while it is charging. Avoid it please for your own sake. It also preserve the life span of the battery.

Cover it with a protective case: I know most people like using theirs like that without a case on it, of you really want it to appear new and still durable a protective case is the best way to go.

Put a screen guard on it: this protects the screen not just from scratch but also from breaking. (Writing from experience)

Avoid exposing them to dusty areas so the ports, headphone jack and speakers won’t be blocked.

Psalm 30:2 O LORD my God, I cried to thee for help, and thou hast healed me.

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