Industrialization is good, inventing new technologies is what we all crave for but even the the president and politicians need some food to eat so they can lead the people. Agriculture truly is the master of every other sectors in the world,it looks as if more attention is given to industrialization and electronic engineering because if you look around you’ll see more and more newer smartphones , laptops and other devices which we don’t even know what they are used for.

I do appreciate that they are some countries that took agriculture very serious and are making moves on creating new and better strategies on how to make things better in that aspect.countries like China not only improve or enhance agricultural system in their country but are also patterning with other nations. When you dig deep you’ll see that nothing is impossible, a desert land in Egypt was converted to good land for agriculture simply by using green house technology, to be honest it’s very interesting to see something like this. You know, these desert land has been there for years with no crucial activity done on it , they have been bare for years and for a portion of it to come in contact with moisture , manure plus other factors which facilitates plant growth,you can be sure of getting a high yield in a short time. Green House tech can be utilized in other areas apart from desert land,even so , greenhouse is most appropriate for such areas where we have limitedly water supply and intense heat. I was happy as Soon is the products from this technology was revealed, they were so good looking,fresh and ready to enter the belly. Hmm,green house technology is good ,it’s not limited to some specific type of crops ,you can grow vegetables,maize…in it. It has numerous advantages because farming in an enclosed area provides the plant with some benefits which cannot be gotten in open space farming.

Accessories like drone and heavy machineries has been developed to help boost the work. We’ll just skip machineries and talk about drones. Drones can be designed for any kind of work,it can be used in the military,for shooting videos and for chemical application. They are employed in farming for applying chemicals on plants, land measurements and also to take crop grow density.

Livestock farming just got better and easier with the introduction of new technologies. Feeding, gathering eggs,vaccination and packing of animal dungs has been simplified.

The simple truth is that every area now relies on technology for one thing for the other ,all that I need to look for a way to balance them all so that one area won’t overthrow the other.

Psalm 15:5. who does not put out his money at interest, and does not take a bribe against the innocent. He who does these things shall never be moved.

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